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LIMITED EDITION 2-Song "Digital 45"    "Hatin' On Love"  and  "See What I'm Sayin'"

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bald guy with a lot on his mind

Featuring: Kid Andersen, Ron Thompson, June Core, Sid Morris, Lauren Halliwell, Kyle Jester, Johnny Cat Soubrand,             Lady Bianca, Robi Bean, Mike Phillips, Vance Ehlers, Earl Thomas, Jon Atkinson

I Don't Hurt Anymore

 Digital Single featuring Lauren Halliwell on vocals. Recorded at Greaseland Studios on Oct. 28, 2018. Produced by Kid Andersen and Neil Barnes.  Arranged, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Kid Andersen.  Vocals- Lauren Halliwell,  Guitar- Kid Andersen, Piano- Sid Morris, Bass- Vance Ehlers,  Drums- Robi Bean,Harp- Neil Barnes.