I Don't Hurt Anymore


Digital Single featuring Lauren Halliwell on vocals. Recorded at Greaseland Studios on Oct. 28, 2018. Produced by Kid Andersen and Neil Barnes.  Arranged, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Kid Andersen.  Vocals- Lauren Halliwell,  Guitar- Kid Andersen, Piano- Sid Morris, Bass- Vance Ehlers,  Drums- Robi Bean,Harp- Neil Barnes.

I Don't Hurt Anymore
Lauren Halliwell

Ron Thompson Digital 45

Two originals from the San Francisco Bay Area's Blues Legend, Ron Thompson.  The Muddy Waters features Ron on vocals, guitar and organ on this haunting groove.  Sugar Momma features Neil "Bar-B-Q" Barnes on harmonica and Winfred Williams on drums for this straight-ahead Delta Blues. 

Ron Thompson Muddy Waters / Sugar Momma 
The Muddy Waters / Sugar Momma

Hyde And Seek CD

Earl Thomas, Lady Bianca, Ron Thompson, Rev. Paul Smith, Oshmin Oden, Winfred Williams, Neil Barnes.   Hyde Street Studio Session, S.F.

This was then, now - cd

This collection of studio & live recordings is a time capsule into the blues scene in the San Jose/ Santa Cruz area circa 1985.....The "South Bay" as it is called was a nexus of Blues activity during this period with numerous bands and clubs presenting live blues music all thru the week.......Bar BQ Barnes worked with many of the best musicians in the area during this time......including JR WATSON, BILL STUVE, RON THOMPSON, LITTLE WILLIE LITTLEFIELD, LUTHER TUCKER, FRANCIS CLAY, SONNY LANE, JOHNNY WATERS. 

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BBQ Barnes and the RibTones EP